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The master list: Winner and loser of each and every best-of-7 MLB, NBA, and NHL playoff series from 1905 (the year of the first best-of-7 series).

leading, 1-game-nil
leading, 2-games-nil
leading, 3-games-nil
leading, 2-games-1
leading, 3-games-1
leading, 3-games-2

Surmounting the 3-games-nil deficit.

The ultimate ignominy: Sweeps during which the swept team never, ever leads.

Irrespective of Game 1 site
Game 1 played at home
Game 1 played on road
Irrespective of Game 1 site
Game 1 played at home
Game 1 played on road
Irrespective of Game 1 site
Game 1 played at home
Game 1 played on road
Irrespective of Game 1 site
Game 1 played at home
Game 1 played on road
Irrespective of Game 1 site
Game 1 played at home
Game 1 played on road

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0-2 playoff deficit nba (Google)
0-3 1942 deficit (Google)
0-3 comebacks in 7-game series (Google)
03 nhl playoff wild scores (Google)
0-3 teams to win nhl playoff series (Yahoo)
100 game loss mlb (Yahoo)
1500 games played in the nba (Yahoo)
1918 mlb playoffs (Google)
1942 comeback from 3-0 (Yahoo)
1942 leafs (Yahoo)
1942 toronto maple leafs comeback (Yahoo)
1950s nba champions (ixquick)
1952 nhl playoffs (Searchalot)
1952 nhl semifinals (Google)
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1953 nhl playoffs (Google)
1954 nhl playoffs (Google)
1954 playoffs giants dodgers (Google)
1957 nhl playoffs (Google)
1960 Pittsburgh Penguins [?!] (Yahoo)
1963 mlb records (MSN)
1970 game 7 nba (Google)
1975 islanders 1942 maple leafs (Google)
1975 new york islanders comeback in series (Yahoo)
1975 nhl playoffs (AOL)
1975 nhl playoffs (Google)
1975 nhl playoffs (Yahoo)
1975 penguins islanders series (Google)
1976 toronto maple leafs vs new york islanders (MSN)
1978 nhl playoffs (Google)
1979 new york rangers vs philadelphia game5 (Google)
1979 nhl playoffs montreal vs toronto (Google)
1981 nhl playoffs (Google)
1985 nhl playoffs (Google)
1986 angels detroit comeback (Google)
1986 mets world series lost two home games (Google)
1987 lakers vs. celtics (Google)
1987 mlb records (Google)
1987 nhl playoffs (Google)
1988 lakers vs pistons game 7 (Yahoo)
1988 mlb semifinals (Google)
1989 knicks vs bulls 6th game (Google)
1989 nhl playoffs (Sympatico)
1989 nhl playoffs (Yahoo)
1990 nhl finals (Google)
1991 nhl playoffs (Google)
1991 world series earthquake during game [?!] (Google)
1992 nhl playoffs (Google)
1993 los angeles vs. toronto playoff semi finals (Google)
1993 nhl playoffs (Google)
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1994 game 7 nba finals (Google)
1994 mlb playoff format [?!] (Google)
1994 mlb standings (Lycos)
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1994 nhl playoff results (MSN)
1994 nhl playoffs (Google)
1994 playoffs rockets versus suns (Google)
1995 boston bruins game times (Google)
1995 houston rockets playoff comeback (Google)
1995 mariners upset yankees (Google)
1995 mlb playoffs (MSN)
1995 san antonio spurs houston rockets playoff series (Google)
1996 nhl playoffs calgary vs. chicago (Google)
1999 eastern conference finals (Google)
1999 nhl champion (Google)
1999 nhl conference finals (Google)
1999 portland trailblazers vs. utah jazz (Google)
1999 western conference portland lakers game 7 (Yahoo)
1st round playoff scores - minnesota vs colorado (Google)
2000 nhl champions (Yahoo)
2000 nhl playoff series results (Yahoo)
2000 series toronto and ottawa (Google)
2001 mlb playoff games (Google)
2001 playoff series (Yahoo)
2002 mlb playoff format (Overture)
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2002-03 nba playoff semifinals (Yahoo)
2003 league championship series games (Google)
2003 nba playoffs 7 game series (Yahoo)
2003 nba playoffs grizzlies vs spurs (Google)
2003 new york yankees losers (Google)
2003 nhl minnesota vs.colorado (Yahoo)
2003 nhl playoffs (Yahoo)
2003 nhl quarterfinals (Google)
2003 semifinals nhl (CNN)
2003-04 nhl islanders game results (Google)
2004 game 6 calgary vs detroit (Google)
2004 houston astros vs cardinals playoffs game 7 (Google)
2004 mlb playoff format (Google)
2004 mlb playoffs houston astros (Google)
2004 nba preliminary (Google)
2004 nba quarterfinals (Google)
2004 nhl playoff format (Google)
2004 philadelphia vs. tampa bay (Google)
2005 mlb win probability (Google)
25 best of 7 comeback playoff 3-0 list mlb (Google)
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3-0 deficit nhl series (Yahoo)
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4 goals first game tampa bay (Google)
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904 florida (Google)
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american league mlb table (Yahoo)
american league playoff probabilities (Google)
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baltimore orioles win loss records (AOL)
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boston bruins montreal canadiens game 7 1971 (Google)
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boston versus montreal in 1977 playoffs (Google)
boston vs carolina nhl (Yahoo)
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braves record vs arizona (MSN)
buffalo and sabres and dallas and game 3 (Yahoo)
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buffalo braves win-loss records (Google)
buffalo to boston (Google)
calgary and tampa bay game 7 (Google)
calgary at tampa bay game 7 (Google)
calgary flames game records (Google)
calgary flames vs chicago blackhawks series in 1989 (Google)
calgary flames vs detroit red wings (Google)
calgary flames vs. vancouver canucks game 7 (Google)
calgary flames win-loss records (Google)
calgary vs vancouver game 4 (Google)
calgary vs. tampa bay ot (Google)
canucks game 7 st louis (Google)
canucks series vs. minnesota (Google)
capitals lost series to tampa bay (Google)
capitals lost to tampa bay lightning overtime playoffs (Google)
carolina hartford franchise playoff scoring records (Google)
carolina hartford franchise record (Google)
carolina hurricanes franchise record for 8 goals in a playoff game (Google)
carolina/hartford playoff records (Google)
cavaliers 1976 series bullets (MSN)
celtics vs nets 25 point comeback (Google)
celtics vs. pacers playoff record (Google)
charlotte hornets new jersey series (Yahoo)
chicago bulls historical records (Yahoo)
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chicago bulls vs new york knicks 1996 playoff game 2 photos (Yahoo)
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chicago cubs playoff records (Google)
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cincinnati historical win loss record (Google)
city which first nba game was played (Yahoo)
colorado avalanche all time record against los angeles kings (Google)
colorado avalanche win-loss record table (Yahoo)
colorado dallas game 5 (Google)
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dallas at sacramento series (Google)
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FIFA world cup probabilities (Yahoo)
first team atlanta played in the mlb (Yahoo)
flames vs san jose (Google)
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game 2 of the nba finals on tuesday lakers vs detroit (Google)
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hockey best of 7 playoff (Google)
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houston vs dallas game 7 (Google)
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how many best of seven series nhl (AskJeeves)
how many total wins do the seattle supersonics have in the nba playoffs (Yahoo)
i own a new 7-series [?!] (Google)
ignominy (Yahoo)
in 1968 the bucks played their first nba game and lost to who (Google)
in the nhl what teams have comeback from a 3 game deficit (AskJeeves)
indiana and detroit played (Yahoo)
indiana pacers season records (Yahoo)
irrespective [?!] (Google)
irrespective [?!] (Yahoo)
islanders 3 games to none comeback (Google)
islanders 3-0 deficit pittsburgh (Google)
islanders comeback from 3-0 deficit (Google)
islanders lose new york (Google)
islanders penguins 3-0 down series (Google)
islanders records of wins and losses (Google)
islanders vs rangers wins in history (Google)
kings playoff record (Google)
knicks vs bulls historical (Google)
l.a. lakers defeated houston rockets 4 games to 1 (Google)
lakers comeback vs portland 2000 (Google)
lakers comeback vs. portland june 4 2000 (Google)
lakers home and road record in 2001 season (Yahoo)
lakers record against minnesota (Google)
lakers vs san antonio (Google)
lakers vs timberwolves game (Google)
lakers vs. celtics records (Yahoo)
lakers vs. detroit championship (Yahoo)
largest comeback in mlb history (Yahoo)
largest deficit in game 7 nba playoffs (Google)
largest lakers playoff loss (Yahoo)
largest loss when winning a playoff series (Google)
largest margin of victory in a mlb game ever (Google)
largest margin of victory in an nba game (Google)
largest mlb playoff comeback (Google)
largest nba playoff series comeback (Yahoo)
largest phillies comeback ever (Google)
largest playoff comeback victory (Google)
last playoff team 1-3 comeback nba (Google)
leaf cup victory come back 3-0 (Google)
leafs comeback from 3-0 versus detroit (Google)
leafs vs philadelphia....game 7 (Google)
length of a lakers game (Yahoo)
length of an nba game (Google)
likelihood of victory for home team in extra innings (Google)
list by franchise of most mlb world series wins (Google)
list mlb world series winners (AOL)
list of all nba team values (Yahoo)
list of all nba winners (AOL)
list of mlb nba and nl champions (Google)
list of nba championship winners (Google)
list of nba eastern conference finals (Google)
longest nhl playoff game dallas anaheim (Google)
longest nhl playoff game philadelphia pittsburgh (Yahoo)
los angeles defeats detroit (Yahoo)
los angeles kings comeback with 6 goals against edmonton oilers (Google)
los angeles lakers record (Google)
los angeles vs san antonio record (Google)
losing a best of 7 series up by 3 games (Google)
losing playoff series after 3-0 lead (Google)
major league baseball probability of winning with lead (Google)
maple leafs 1987 vs detroit red wings game 4 (Google)
marlins best of 7 (Google)
marlins win loss records (Google)
mathematical formulae probability (Google)
mathematical playoff (Yahoo)
mavericks spurs comeback game 1 (Google)
memphis grizzlies and playoff series (Google)
mets vs yankees records (Google)
mets vs. yankees world series record (Google)
mets win world series 1985 [?!] (Yahoo)
miami heat charlotte hornets playoff series (Google)
miguel de cervantes the road is better than the inn (Google)
milwaukee bucks records for scoring (Yahoo)
minnesota sacramento game 7 semifinals (Google)
minnesota twins 2002 wins and lose record (Google)
minnesota twins win-loss records (Google)
minnesota vs colorado (Yahoo)
minnesota wild playoff game 7 vs colorado (Google)
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MLB Semis (AlltheWeb)
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montreal best worst (Google)
montreal canadiens 1971 nhl playoffs vs boston bruins (Google)
montreal canadiens franchise record winning percentage (Google)
montreal canadiens greatest comeback wins (Google)
montreal canadiens vs. new york yankees (Yahoo)
montreal nhl playoff record toronto (Google)
montreal sweeps toronto 1978 (Google)
montreal vs boston (Google)
montreal vs. quebec 1993 (Google)
montreal-carolina overtime (Yahoo)
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most frequent playoffs (Google)
most goals 7 game series (Google)
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nba winners 1942 [?!] (Google)
nba worst records ever (Yahoo)
new jersey devils game 7 record (Google)
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new jersey nets 2001-02 records (Google)
new jersey nets win loss percentage 2001 (Google)
new jersey ottawa game 7 (Google)
new jersey vs philadelphia (Google)
new orleans vs miami 2004 playoff series (Google)
new york islanders 1984 record (AOL)
new york islanders greatest team ever (Google)
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new york knicks wins 1969 (Google)
new york mets 1988 playoff vs dodgers schedule (Google)
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new york rangers historical records (Google)
new york rangers playoff win-loss (Google)
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new york yankees game win loss records (AOL)
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nhl 0-3 deficit (Google)
nhl 1987 playoffs finals (Google)
nhl 1991 edmonton vs minnesota (Google)
nhl 1996 playoff format (Yahoo)
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